Iranian women who refuse to wear hijabs filmed standing up to men telling them to cover hair


New videos have emerged of women defying Iran’s law obliging women to wear hijabs in public.

Part of the “White Wednesdays” online campaign against compulsory headscarves, the women have filmed themselves in confrontations with people on the street about the issue. 

In one video someone can be heard threatening to call the police.

“Stay there, if you have the guts,” they shouted. 

The woman replied: “I’m staying here, you can call the police.”

She added: “If your tongue is your weapon, my phone camera is mine. You scared of my weapon?”

Thousands of undercover agents and “morality police” patrol the streets in Iran to check for violations of the compulsory hijab rule.

Women found to have their hair or bodies inadequately covered can be publicly admonished, fined or arrested.

In one video posted to the Facebook page of My Stealthy Freedom, a movement run by activist Masih Alinejad, a man is heard threatening to slap a woman if she does not cover-up.

However, some of the country’s men are supporting the protest. 

One video shows a father driving with his young daughter in the passenger seat.

“My inspiration for joining the campaign and to oppose compulsory hijab even before that, has been the future of my daughter,” he said. “I want her to be able to freely make her decisions under the best of conditions. Long live white Wednesdays.”